Keshav Shaligram

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Holy Shila (Stone) is Lord Vishnu's idol in Nepal's Kali River. Keshav Shaligram is one of them. Worshipers get purity, wisdom, and happiness.


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Keshav Shaligram:

Shaligram Stone is found in the Kali Gandaki River in Nepal. Keshav Shaligram is one of the central Shaligram stones in the holy river. Holy Shila (Stone) is an idol of Lord Vishnu. Worshipers get purity, wisdom, happiness, health, and wealth.

We also offer Krishna Paduka Shaligram.

Origin Nepal
Incarnation Lord Vishnu
Symbol Lord Vishnu
Good For Worshipping - Wisdom, Purity, Energy, Raw of light in life
Certificate of Authenticity Included