Gopal Shaligram


Are you looking to offer Shaligram stone mala to Temple?

If Yes, this Gopal Shaligram stone is perfect for making in mala. It is round, readily available, and low in price compared to other rare Shaligrams. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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Gopal Shaligram:
Shaligram stones are found in the Kali Gandaki River in Nepal. There are different types of Shaligram, and Gopal Shaligram is one of them.

Gopal Shaligram is also known as Santan Gopal Shaligra/Laddu Shaligram/Round Shaligram. People worship this Shaligram at home and also offer it to the temple.

This Shaligram stone is round, so many people make mala of 108 or 54 stones and offer it to temples. It is a natural black stone. In Hinduism, it is an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Shaligram stone is worshiped at home and in the temple. A worshiper gets blessed by Lord Vishnu with good health and wealth.

To learn more about Shaligram Stone, please read our blog Shaligram Stone All You Need to Know.

We also offer Damodar Kunda Shaligram.

Stone Shaligram
Origin Nepal
A symbole of Lord Vishnu
Good For Worshipping
Originality Natural
Certificate of Authenticity Included