Sphatik Kantha Oval Shape Diamond Cutting

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Pure Sphatik Kantha of Big 33 Pcs Diamond Cut Sphatik in Oval Shape!

Oval Sphatik Kantha is very energetic and very effective. The energy of this Crystal, Kantha, is excellent for making your body heal and your chakra. Please check its specifical to know more about it.

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Sphatik Kantha Oval Shape Diamond Cutting:
Kantha means big Sphatik beads with maximum energy and the most potent Crystal beads. The beads are oval with diamond cuts, so they look beautiful.
Most of the time, we have noticed some Guru Ji wearing this on their neck. It is very effective and good for health. Also, it makes a person think sharply and coolly.

This Kantha is made of 33 Big beads in pure Sphatik. It has good diamond cutting on it, as we can see in the picture of it. It is the perfect mala for wearing during puja, meditation, concentration, and Yoga.
This Kantha mala is suitable for wearing itself, and if you are looking for a gift to respect Guru Ji, it is the perfect gifting.

This mala is perfect for healing health issues. You can we during meditation/Yoga. It helps to control your emotion and helps you to concentrate on your meditation/ Diyan.
It is pure mala for chanting and praying to Goddess Durga Mantra. It makes the mind and your soul pure and energetic. It is very effective for your health problems. It helps you to control your anger, emotions, mind, feeling, and bold pressure.

Sphatik (Crystal / Quartz) is a white-shiny transparent stone. According to Astrology, Sphatik is related to Venus. The idol made from Sphatik stone helps concentrate, cools the body, and calms the mind. It is also a form of positive energy and a form of Purity that helps remove obstacles.

Rudrahouse gives you a choice of a different size, but please let us know by email if you want something different. We will try our best to provide your choice.
We provide you with 100% pure Sphatik—our expert checks carefully before shipping that it is not damaged or cracked.

You may also like a pure Sphatik Kantha in a round shape with Diamond Cutting. It is perfect for gifting to your Guru Ji.

Sphatik Kantha in Oval Shape Benefits:
It helps to follow positive energy in your body.
It makes you calm and controls your blood pressure.
It makes you feel happy and healthy.
It removes extra heat from your body.
It makes your mind sharp, and you can think creatively.
It helps to control your echo and anger.
It is suitable for healing health.
It helps to open your body's chakras.
It is the perfect gift to offer Guru Ji.
It has got maximum energy to control and heal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.
Buy now, Oval Shape Kantha with the diamond cut!

Shape Oval
Cutting Diamond Cut
Total Beads 33 Pcs
Good For Healing body and Chakra
Certificate Of Authenticity Included