Nirakar Rudraksha

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Nirakar Rudraksha: Good for people who want to be free from emotional things.

This Rudraksha has zero Mukhi on it and is a very rare Rudraksha that is good for meditation and concentration, Focus, and control of emotional attachments.

Note: Rudraksha puja at Pashupatinath Temple is Included in the purchase of this Rudraksha.

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Nirakar Rudraksha Importance:
This Rudraksha is very rare and unique. This Rudraksha is found very few in a year. It has got no Mukhi on it. ( There are no natural lines on it.)
Nirkar, meaning God-gifted, has no shape like other Rudraksha beads. It is found in Nepal and considers a Lord Shiva symbol. People believe that Lord Shiva himself is Nirakar.
It is highly suggested for those who worship Lord Shiva daily and meditate (yoga).

There are many other rare Rudraksha found in Nepal. Rudraksha Fruits are also good to have with you.

Nirakar Rudraksha Benefits:

  • Control emotional feelings.
  • Give confidence.
  • Control Anger.
  • Give the ability to focus and meditate.
  • Good for meditation.
  • Give a feel of natural power ( Shakti).
  • Feel happy.
  • Feel from emotional things.

Nirakar Rudraksha Price:
It is rare; farmers only find very few in the Himalayas, so the price depends on the mood and money requirement.
Our Rudrahouse team has fixed its price to $1450, even if we sometimes get a high price from Rudraksha framers.

Suppose you have any questions about these holy Rudraksha beads. Then, please feel free to contact us. We love to answer you.

Buy now, and feel Lord Shiva's blessing.

Origin Nepali Rudraksha Beads
Mukhi Zero
A symbole of Lord Shiva
Good For Emotional Control, Focus, Meditation, Concentration, Feel Free
Chanting Mantra Om
Certificate of Authenticity Included
Color Natural