18 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia

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18 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia - Can make you successful and wealthy!

These holy beads are perfect for business people, bring success, give victory, name, and fame in society, ideas, decision-making power, and more benefits that you will love to have.

Note: We energize the power of Rudraksha at Pashupatinath Temple before shipping them to our customers.

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18 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia:
Eighteen Mukhi from Java (Indonesia) is a rare bead and challenging to get available in the market. Moreover, they are cheaper than Nepali Eighteen Mukhi and less effective than Nepali Rudraksha beads.
This sacred bread is considered a symbol of Devi Prithvi, and its ruling planet is Mars. It is the most powerful Rudraksha with high energy.

Devi Bhumi blesses this spiritual bead and holders of this holy bead with land and property in their life, happiness, and good health.

It is a symbol of Devi Bhumi (earth). A holder of this, Rudraksha never gets sick and will always remain healthy and happy on earth. Devi Bhumi blesses and gives everything to the holder of this Rudraksha. Success and health are the foremost essential thing to get from this Rudraksha. We all live on earth, and this Rudraksha is a symbol of land, bhumi, or soil, with the same meaning. We get everything from the ground, and this Rudraksha represents a land or earth, Devi.

This bead is essential for those inland and property dealing, real estate, Builders, and Businessmen.

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18 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia Benefits And effects that you love to have:

  • Bless with land and property
  • It is suitable for health and happiness
  • It Blesses you with Victory.
  • It protects you from negative energy.
  • It helps you to have a name in society
  • It is cheap compared to Nepali 18 Mukhi.
  • It can be a collection of rare Rudraksha beads.
  • It can bring good luck and good fortune to your life.
  • It is a holy bead that can help you in your business.
  • It is suitable for business people to bring success and confidence.

Rudrahouse understands the Importance of these Holy Rudraksha Beads:
Our expert team selects all our holy beads stored in high care.
We ensure all holy products get enlarged at Pashupatinath Temple before shipping so that our valued customers can get the full benefits of those sacred products.

Buy now; suitable for business people, bring luck and success!

Origin Java Rudraksha beads
Mukhi 18 Mukhi
Color Natural
Size 18-21mm
Symbol Devi Bhumi (Earth)
Certificate of Authenticity Included