15 Mukhi Rudraksha - Indonesia

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15 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia, a symbol of the God of Animals Shree Pashupatinath!

A Rudraksha bead is a symbol of Lord Pashupatinath, The top benefits it blesses the holder with Moksha, a ride from rebirth, and the forgiveness of animal killings.

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15 Mukhi Rudraksha Indoensia:
This holy Rudraksha bead will help a devotee get free from animal life's rebirth and get rid of the sinful effect done by hurting animals. This sacred bead increases positive energy that affects our Karma with the blessing of Lord Pashupatinath, an avatar of Lord Shiva.

This holy bead is very rare, and very few are found once a year. However, you can wear a single on the neck or add this spiritual bead to Siddha Mala, a set from 1 Mukhi to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha.

This Rudraksha bead is suggested for those who love animals, believing in Karma and its effect. Wearing or worshiping this holy gets Moksha and develops their capacity to help animals and human beings.

Rudrahouse offers 14 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia in small sizes and low prices.

15 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesia Benefits:

The holder of these beads gets Moksha.

The holder gets rid of the rebirth cycle.

The holder gets health and wealth.

The holder always faces a win in any situation.

The holder gets rid of the sin of killing animals.

The holder gets blessed by the God of Animals.

Indonesian (Java) Rudraksha beads:

  • It is small in size compared to Nepali Rudraksha beads.
  • It is cheap compared to Nepali Rudraksha beads.
  • Java Rudraksha beads are less effective than Nepali Rudraksha beads.
  • It is easy to wear, as it is small in size.
  • It can also be a wearer on the neck or used in bracelets.
  • This is one of the rare beads found once a year.

Buy now, and get blessed by the God of Animals, Shree Pashupatinath.

Origin Java Rudraksha Beads
Symbol Lord Pashupatinath - Lord Shiva
Good For Moksha, Rebirth
Color Natural
Controlling Planet Jupiter
Chanting Mantra Om Namah Shivaya
Certificate Of Authenticity Included