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Peridot Stone is suitable for Healing and Protecting women and children.

Do you know this Stone is good for healing power, suitable for women & children? Who? Check the Description and Specifications to know more.

Note: Rudrahouse Guru Ji team energizes the power of Stone before shipping them to our customers.

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Peridot Stone is the birthstone for August. It is a light green/yellow color stone. It's found in many parts worldwide. Brazil, Burma, China, Norway, Hawaii, Australia, Pakistan, and South Africa is the best resource for this beautiful stone. It is cheaper compared to other gemstones.

Peridot stone is perfect for people who are in a short temper. It helps to control anger, negative feeling, and negative thought. It helps to achieve success in love and unity in the family. It helps to control your emotions and helps in concentrating on your meditation. In addition, it helps in healing health issues such as heart problems.

Peridot is the perfect stone for women and children. It gives protection and safe them from harmful effects in life.

It can wear as a ring on a little finger or a locket on the neck on Friday. This stone does not have a negative effect, so it satisfies every person.

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Peridot Stone Benefits:

  • It helps to calm a person's anger.
  • It helps with positive energy.
  • It helps with meditation and concentration.
  • It helps to reduce anxiety and increase the confidence and strength of a person.
  • Finally, it protects from negative energy.
  • It helps to get good health and helps to recover from many health problems such as the liver.
  • It protects from evil eyes.

Peridot Stone-wearing rule:

  • It should not be cracked or holed.
  • It should be worn on Friday.
  • It should be worn on the little finger or as a locket on the neck.
  • It should be worn in White, Gold, or Silver.

Who can wear Peridot Stone?

  1. It is perfect for women and children.
  2. Leo can wear Peridot.
  3. Also, people have health problems and family issues.
  4. People who are born in August.

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Buy now. It protects women and children.

Color Olivine Green
Good For Healing, Depression, Heart and Body, For Marriage Life. Protect women and children.
Suitable For Zodiac Leo (Singh Rashi)
Controlling Planet Mercury
Birthstone For Month August
Wearing Day Friday
Wearing Finger Little Finger
Suitable Metal Silver
Symbol of God Goddess Isis ( Goddess Of Moon)
Metal Silver
Mohs Scale Hardness 6.5-7