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Gomed Stone can help you to overcome a difficult time in life.

Are you suffering from health issues, money problems? It may be Rahu in your Rashi. Gomed Stone can help you to overcome obstacles. To know more, check Specification and Description.

Note: Rudrahouse Nepali Guru Ji team energizes the power of birthstones before shipping them to our customers.

Gomed Stone:
Gomed Stone (Hessonite Garnet or Hessonite Stone) is the birthstone for people with Rahu Desha in their birth chart. It looks like a brownish/yellow color stone. It's found in many parts worldwide. Sri Lanka, Brazil, and California is the primary source of this stone. It is cheaper compared to other gemstones.
When facing Rahu Dasha in your life, everything wrong starts happening in life. You will lose business, have family problems, misunderstand, feel unsafe all the time, and loans and debts start to increase in life. Here and there, everywhere, unsuccess and loss only, face different health issues. People face life obstacles: starting a lousy company, drinking, losing money, gambling, and health problems.

The Rahu effect can reduce by preying on and worshiping Goddess Durga and wearing Cats eys stone, which blesses Goddess Durga. People who worship Durga never gets Rahu effects on their life.

Gomed stone is perfect for people who are in depression. It helps to control anger, negative feeling, and negative thought. It helps to achieve business success and protect from loss. It protects you from bad luck, misunderstanding, health loss, and family issues.

It can be worn on a Middle finger or locket on the neck on Wednesday/ Saturday. You must Consult Guru Ji before wearing it. It removes Rahu's lousy effect on life.

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Gomed Stone Benefits:

  • It helps to calm a person's anger.
  • It protects from evil eyes.
  • It helps with depression.
  • It helps to clear debts and money loss.
  • It helps to remove the harmful effects of Rahu in a birth chart.
  • It brings luck and happiness in life.
  • It brings unity and understanding to the family.
  • It protects from uncertainty in life.
  • It protects you from the wrong time in life.
  • It helps to focus on your goal.
  • It helps to concentrate in life.

Goed Stone wearing rule:

  1. It should not be cracked or holed.
  2. It should be worn on Wednesday/ Saturday.
  3. It should be worn on the Middle finger or as a locket on the neck.
  4. It should be worn in Silver.

Who can wear Gomed Stone?

  1. People who are having obstacles in life.
  2. People are having health problems, and family is.
  3. Capricorn Rashi and Having Rahu Dasha in Birth Chart.
  4. People how born on 4,13,22,31 dates every month.

Rudrahouse, provide good quality at a reasonable price. In addition, we ensure that our expert carefully checks our product before it reaches our valuable customers.

Buy now. It protects from Rahu effects.

Color Brownish - Yellow
Good For Remove Obstacles, Stability, Confidence, Positive Energy
Suitable For Zodiac Capricorn or Having Rahu Dosh In Kundali (Birth Chart)
Star Saturn l Rahu
Date of Birth 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st date of each month.
Wearing Day Wednesday l Saturday
Wearing Finger Middle Finger
Symbol Of Goddess Durga
Suitable Metal Silver
Mohs Scale hardness 7.25