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Amethyst stone can help you to have your love in your life.

It's a beautiful purple stone that controls Emotion & the Nervous System. Make love success. Check the Specifications and Description to know more about it.

Note: Energize the Stone power by our Nepali Guru Ji team on purchasing this stone.

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Amethyst Stone is the birthstone for February. It is purple/violet color stone. It's founded in volcanic rocks worldwide. Brazil, Russia, and Uruguay are this beautiful stone's best resource. In addition, it is cheaper compared to other gemstones.

Amethyst stone is perfect for people who are short temper. It helps to control anger, negative feeling, and negative thought. It helps to achieve success in love and unity in the family. It helps to control your emotions and helps in concentrating on your meditation.

It can be worn in a ring or as a locket on the neck on Saturday. This stone does not have a negative effect, so it satisfies every person.

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Amethyst Stone Benefits:

  • Bring unity between love.
  • Make success in love.
  • It protects from negative energy.
  • It makes calm to the holder.
  • It brings peace of mind and a good personality.
  • It is suitable for inner strength.
  • It helps in meditation and concentration.
  • It controls the emotional feeling of a person.
  • It brings luck in life.
  • It relieves stress and strain in life.
  • It helps to control your anger.

Amethyst Stone wearing rule:

  1. It should not be cracked or holed.
  2. It should be worn on Saturday.
  3. It should be worn on the Middle finger or as a locket on the neck.
  4. It should be worn in White, Gold or Silver.

Who can wear Amethyst Stone?

  1. Anyone who is in business or love.
  2. The Aquarius can wear the Amethyst.
  3. Also, people have problems with love and family.
  4. People who are born in February.

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Buy now. Get success in love and make unity in the family.

Color Purple, Violet
Good For Control Emotion and Nervous System. Keep Calm, Good For Healing.
Suitable For Zodiac Aquarius and People how in love.
Star Sataurn
Birthstone For Month February
Wearing Finger Middle Finger
Wearing Day Saturday
Symbol of Peace, Trust
Suitable Metal Silver l Panchdhatu (Five Metal)
Mohs Scale hardness 7