16 Hand Ganesha Coral

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16 Hand Ganesha Coral is good for business people and government job holders!

16 Hand Ganesh carved in Coral was found to be very effective for people in business and government job holders. It benefits - brings power, success, luck, happiness, defeat enemies and check its Specification and Description to know more about it.

Note: We energize the power of Birthstones at Pashupatinath Temple before shipping them to our customers.

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16-Hand Ganesh Coral:
Have you ever visited Ganesh temple having 16 hands-on it? This unique temple said to have been built by King Pratap Malla (1641–1674), perhaps, sits next to the Bhotahity-Ratna Park, Kathmandu, Nepal. That's right, 16 hands. One hand holding his wife, Siddhi. It is believed all hands have got various symbols.

It is believed here in Nepal; those people are in the army, police, Business people, government jobs, and politics, most like a Coral carving of 16 Hands Ganesh on their neck or in a ring. It brings power, happiness, success, luck, ability to help others.

16 Hand Ganesh is carved in Coral stone, which brings a change in life. Available in many sizes and can be worn on the neck has a locket in the hands like a ring.
This stone wear will win over its enemies. It is Mangal Kari (making luck). It can be worn in Ring Finger on Tuesday in Gold or Panchdhatu.

Coral stone is also available in Coral Hanuman by Rudrahouse.

16 Hand Ganesh Coral Benefits:

  • It gives victory against enemies in life.
  • It protects from evil eyes.
  • It helps to overcome a difficult time in life.
  • It helps to get a name and fame in society.
  • It Brings good fortune and luck in life.
  • It is suitable for Wealth and prosperity.
  • It helps to gain in business and Job.
  • It helps to achieve success in life.
  • It gives confidence.
  • It removes obstacles in life.

16 Hand Ganesh Coral Stone wearing rule:

  1. It should not be cracked or holed.
  2. It should be worn on Tuesday.
  3. It should be worn on the Ring finger.
  4. It should be worn in Gold, Silver, Pachdhatu, or any of it.

Who can wear 16 Hand Ganesh Coral Stone?

  1. Anyone who is in business or a Government job.
  2. The Coral can be worn by the Zodiac sign "Aries and Scorpio. ( Mesh Rashi and Vrishchik Rashi).
  3. Also, people have problems with Mangal in their birth chart. ( Mangal Desha).
  4. People born between 21 March - 20 April and Oct 23-Nov 22.

Rudrahouse, provide good quality at a reasonable price. In addition, we ensure that our expert carefully checks our product before it reaches our valuable customers.

Buy now, remove all your obstacles, and bring success and luck.

Color Red l Light Pink
Good For Power, Strength, Courage, Wealth
Suitable For Zodiac All Zodiac sign or having Mangal Desha
Star Mars
Date of Birth For all how love to wear
Wearing Day Tuesday l Wednesday
Wearing Finger Ring Finger
Symbol of Lord Ganesha
Suitable Metal Gold l Panchdhatu (Five Metal)
Mohs Scale hardness 3.5-4