Shesha Naag Shaligram

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It's the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Shesha Naag. A worshiper Shesha Naag Shaligram Shila is always energetic, protected by negative energy and evil eyes. It is one of the rare and unique Shaligram Shila founds very few in a year.

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Shesha Naag Shaligram:

Shesha Naag, the incarnation of Lord Krishna as Balarama. Shesh Nag, the serpent god, has been worshiped by many people worldwide for centuries. He is considered the king of demonic regions called Patiala.

God Vishnu and Naag Devta always bless a worshiper of this Shaligram Shila. A worshiper is always blessed with victory, health, and wealth, removes obstacles, and protects from evil eyes.

We also offer Pradyumna Shaligram.

Origin Nepal
Symbol Lord Vishnu
Incarnation Lord Naga
Good For Worshipping - Energy, Happy life, Health and Wealth
Certificate of Authenticity Included