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Ruby Stone helps you to get success and achieve your Goal.

Manik Stone will help you get to name and fame in society, success, wisdom, and boost energy. To know more Benefits, please check the Specification and Description of Ruby Stone.

Note: We provide a Lab Certificate report along with a Gemstone purchase.

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Ruby stone l Manik Stone
Since ancient times, Ruby has been considered a valuable gemstone and worn by royalty.
It is beautiful, and Red is used in jewelry and zodiac signs and solves problems.
People in India call this MANIK STONE, and in other parts of the world, this also knows as Red Stone. This beautiful stone is found in most of the country in the world and is highly recommended for Suriya Desha ( Sun position in the birth chart)
This stone is excellent for businesses, politicians, government officers, and actors.
If Ruby is holed or cracked, it is used in jewelry as it does not affect the zodiac sign ( Rashi).
You may read product Specifications to know more about Ruby Stone.

Benefits and use of Ruby Stone l Manik Stone:

  • It is suitable for health and blood-related problems.
  • It helps to get a name and fame in society.
  • It makes creativeness and smartness.
  • Bring good fortune and luck.
  • Good for Wealth and prosperity.
  • It helps to gain in business and Job.
  • It helps to achieve success in life.
  • It gives confidence.

Ruby stone-wearing rule:

  • You must consult your astrologer before wearing it.
  • It should not be cracked or holed.
  • It should be worn on Sunday.
  • It should be worn on the Ring finger.

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What carats of Ruby stone should I wear?
Follow your astrologer's advice or calculate your body weight. For Example,
if your body weight is 52 kg, you should wear 5.5 carats, and if your body weight is 60 kg, you should wear 6-6.5 carats of Manik Stone and so on.

How to wear Ruby Stone?
First, wash with holy water ( Ganga Jal or Mansarowor Jal).
Chant Mantra Om "Om Suriyaha Namah" minimum 108 times.

Who can wear Ruby Stone?

  • Consult your astrologer before wearing any gems stone Because it might have negative and positive effects.
  • The Zodiac sign "Leo"( Singha Rashi) can wear the Redstone.
  • Also, people have problems with Sun in their birth chart. ( Suriya Desha).
  • People who are born between 23 July - 21 August.

What is the price of Ruby Stone?
Manik Gemstone is one of the most expensive and highly demanded gemstones worldwide.
The quality of Manik Stone starts at a minimum of $100 per Carat and up to $2000 per Carat.

Rudrahouse, provide high quality at a reasonable price. In addition, we make sure that our expert carefully checks all our product before it reaches our valuable customers.

You may consult our Nepali Guru Ji online using our free service, "ASk GURU."

Color Red l Pink
Good For Health, Name And Fame, Success, Healing, Energy
Good For Zodiac Leo
Star Sun
Date of Birth July 23- Aug 21
Wearing Finger Ring Finger
Wearing Day Sunday
Symbol of Lord Suriya Dev (Sun)
Suitable Metal Gold l Silver l Panchdhatu (Five Metal)
Mohs Scale hardness 9