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Opel stone is good for success and good luck ,for businessman this stone is very lucky to wear.It make a good status and reputation in society, It's helpful in getting rid debts,attractive personality. Home problems can be remove .It can get you free from money problems.

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Blue Sapphire ( Neelam )

Among all the nine astrological gemstones the Blue Sapphire ( Neelam Stone )is the strongest and the fastest effective gemstones. Symbol of Lord Shani Dev...

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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is also called Guru Nang(stone) or Brihaspati Nang(stone)

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Coral (Munga or Mangal Stone )

Coral (Munga) or Mangal Stone is Sign of Planet Mar and it is God for over come with Bad time in life.This stone makes will win over  enemies ....

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Ruby( Manik or Suriya stone )

Ruby or Manik or Suriya Stone for love,health,wisdom

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Emerald (Panna )

Emerald ( Panna ) stone is very good to wear for people who is suffering from money ,wealth and love problem.It is believed that wearing this stone remove all the problems related to Money ,wealth and Love..

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Pearl (Moti)

Pearl ( Moti ) is very good to wear for human mind. It is soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk.Pearl Increase capacity for thinking and making decision,make people success and give life happy.

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Gomed(Hessonite Garnet Stone)

Gomed (Hessonite Garnet Stone) is stone is very power to remove problems in life,,,,,

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Amethyst Stone

Amethyst stone is very 

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Cat's Eye Stone

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Peridot stone is good for Confident,love and protection. It is beautiful stone can wear in neck and in finger..

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Coral Hanuman (Munga )

Hanuman in Coral ,It is good to wear has lock or in ring for good health,and many good reasons.

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Sixteen Hand Coral Binayak

Sixteen hand coral Binayak can be wear in .hand or in neck and it is good to make all the stop or incomplete work finish, Make wearer good luck and success. 

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