Rudraksha Bag

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Rudraksha Bag is good for keeping Holy things on it:

Rudraksha Bag is good for keeping the holy books and things and is suitable for carrying well on yatra. Check Benefits that you will love.

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Rudraksha Bag:

It is made of selected Rudraksha beads. Our expert team selects all the beads for making this holy Bag, ensuring no damage or insect has eaten the beads.
It is specially designed for people how to love Rudraksha beads. It is beautiful and adequately designed and has many good reasons.
5 Mukhi tiny Rudraksha high-quality beads are used to make this Bag.

We also offer a Rudraksha Shivling made of holy beads.

Rudraksha Bag Benefits and the reason that you most of one with you:
It is good to keep the holy book.
It is suitable for keeping holy things in one holy Bag.
It is good to carry during the holy yatra.
It is suitable for keeping Prasad.
It brings luck and good fortune in life.
Get blessed with God and Goddess.
It is a good and holy thing to give someone as a gift.
It can be a collection of holy beads accessories.
Buy now and get one with you.

Origin Java Rudraksha Beads
Include Mukhi 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads
Color Natural
Symbol Lord Shiva
Good For Luck, Keeping Puja items, Keeping Holy Books, Keeping Holy Water
Chanting Mantra Om Namah Shivaya
Certificate Of Authenticity Included