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This is Meera here. I have purchased a Siddha Sakti Mala Indonesian with sandalwood beads few weeks back. I want to share my experience with you and first of all, Thank you very much to you and your team as well for such a wonderful mala, I am very happy to have such powerful and beautiful mala with me. It arrived to me very quickly and safely and I regularly started wearing it, on the very first day, I realized that it has so much positive energy in it and it was just magical feeling. I felt very peaceful, calm and energetic, I was so happy and one fine moment, I came up with the thought that it is blessings of Lord Shiva that I am having this mala and I should do Maha Mrityunjay Mantra Jaap on this mala so that I can get more protection and blessings from shivji. I have started doing the japas on next morning, and above my expectation, I have recited the japas till afternoon, it was all Lord Shivas magic that I neither feel thirst nor hunger during the japas. Now, I feel that I should get the Maha Mrityunjay Homa done as well. Kindly guide me for the same.

I am again highly thankful to you for your wonderful services.

- Meera (2016-11-10)

Good Evening and Pranams ! I am extremely thankful to you for customizing such an effective and protective kavach for black magic. I am a victim of black magic since last many years and was in search of such a strong talisman that can remove the effects of black magic and my search has ended when I purchased this rudraksha kavach which proved very worthy. I cannot explain you in words how much protected I am feeling by wearing this kavach. My bad dreams, insecurities and most of all, the negativities around me which I have felt in earlier days have all gone now. I will also get the black magic removal puja performed once I come back to usa and will also consult you regarding my horoscope.

Thank you to you and your team for best of your efforts and services.

- Olvan (2016-11-22)

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