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Spatic Naag Shivalinga

This is Spatic Shivlinga for pooja with Naag devta around it ...with min 1 and half kg


Spatic Nandi

Spatic Nandi is specialy design for Pooja .In Hindusim without Nandi there is no Lord Shiva or Shivling.


Spatic Nandi (Small)

Spatic Nandi in small size from 30-80 grams ,about one and half inch in height ...


Spatic Shree Yanter

Shree yanter is symbol of Goddess Laxmi. Keeping this Yantra in home or office will give blessing from Goddess Laxmi.


Spatic Linga

Spatic Linga is form of Lord Shiva ,it can be kept in silver stand has Shiva Linga.


Spatic Nandi Shivelinga

Spatic Nandi Shivlinga is beautiful and very nice cutting .This spatic shivelinga is good for Pooja ..


Spatic Pashupatinath Shivelinga

Spatic Pashupatinath Shivelinga is design for devotee of Lord Pashupatinath ,and Have darshan of Lord Pashupatinath all Five faces.

This is specially design for pooja...


Spatic Shivelinga

Spatic Shivelinga is form of Lord Shiva and it is good for keeping and doing in Pooja ,,


Spatic Ganesh

Spatic Ganesh is well shap and it's cutting is very good .it is good for keeping at home.


Spatic Mala (big)

This spatic mala is big in size and good for wear and chanting ,This spatic mala is good to control high blood pressure and it gives good luck to wearer.

USD 150

Spatic Mala ( Botton cutting)

This Spatic mala is good for health and a cutting is very fine. This mala is not round cut ,but it is in botton shap cutting,

USD 120

Spatic Mala (Ovel shape)

This mala is in Ovel shape and it is good to wear ,

USD 150

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