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One Face Rudrakshas

One face symbol of Lord Shiva, It give external blessing and Moksha (nirvana) after death. 111qq

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Two Face Rudraksha

Two face is symbol of Ardhanarishvara, good for relationship and family and joint business.

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Three Face Rudraksha

Three face is symbol of Maa Saraswati. Good for student and for high education and knowledge .

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Four Face Rudraksha

 Mukhi is symbol of lord Brama, good for creation of new things and creative ideas. 


Five Face Rudraksha

Five Mukhi is symbol of lord shivalinga (Shiva).Good for bringing peace in life, removes problems.


Six Face Rudraksha

 Mukhi is symbol of lord kartikeya. Enhances understanding capacity, appreciation of love and leadership.

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Seven Face Rudaksha

Seven Mukhi Rudraksh is symbol of Goddess Laxmi, remove money problem and bring wealth to life.


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Eight Face Rudraksha

Eight face Rudraksha is symbol of Lord Ganesha. Bring success in every field and good luck in life.

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GauriShanker Rudraksha

Symbol of ShiveShakti, good for husband-wife,join family,partnership,relationship,this Rudrakasha keep evering joint forever.

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